Hypothesize, Improvise, Otherwise concert schedule:

Improvise, Hypothesize, Otherwise #5
Saturday May 24th, 8pm
at Third Life Studio, Union Square, Somerville

The Big LIE
{Large Improvising Ensemble}
Joe Burgio, artistic director, with
Andrea Pensado, electronics
Emilio Carlos Gonzalez, piano
Randy Winchester, trombone
Jesse Kenas-Collins, trumpet
Matt Samolis, flute
‘Moonsongs’, by Matt Samolis
Rachel Barringer, cello
Noell Dorsey, soprano
{plus other works TBA}
Neil Parsons, trombone
“Three Symmertries”, for ensemble:
Matt Samolis, flute
Clara Kebabian, violin
Jesse Kenas-Collins, trumpet
Neil Parsons, trombone
Randy Pingrey, trombone
Randy Winchester, trombone
Jeoff Pooser, contrabass
Jane Wang, contrabass



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